Westridge School-Sustainable Science Building

Westridge School Sustainable Science Building encompasses approximately 14,000 sq. ft. on two levels. The building was designed and built to achieve a LEED Platinum certification by USGBC. The facility is equipped with an interactive energy-management system complete with light and motion sensors and eco-dimming lights. This building accommodates chemistry lab, life science lab, laboratory preprooms, math/science research room, physic’s lab, faculty offices and data center. Common spaces consist of courtyard; study room featuring a solar and weather station display, and a touch-screen monitor to view the building’s energy use. A Virtual (Nana) Wall, of folding glass opens fully to the Courtyard, creating an indoor/outdoor space. A Wi-Fi equipped experimentation area at the Green Roof allows students to observe a planted Green Roof System. The roof also has the Solar Water heating panels and Solar Voltaic Array.

In addition to housing science and math classrooms the building is designed to serve as an actual physical teaching tool for environmental education.

LEED Certification Silver

This project was awarded LEED Platinum Certification
by United States Green Building Council.